Thursday, 30 April 2009

Have a new Field track on us for free !

The Field released one of the best selling records on Kompakt a few years ago and they are about to drop thier new album 'Yesterday And Tomorrow' for all you lovely people to buy. Kompact have very kindly given us a free download for you of a track entitled 'The More That I do" It's dreamy digital shoegaze at it's best and you should listen it it here .

Wednesday, 29 April 2009


Barcelona-based radio station Scanner FM is hosting an archive of our broadcasts. Go to
and you will find recent shows and their track list.
These will be updated as we go on.

Counter Culture Radio
in the London area, and online at

andrew bird at shepherds bush empire 11th may

Following the release of the much-anticipated new album Noble Beast, Andrew Bird plays London's Shepherds Bush Empire this May. Delivering mesmerizing live sets of utterly riveting songs that work their magic on their own believable terms, without a hint of cloying nostalgia or riff-fueled seduction, Bird plays strings, glockenspiel, wurlitzer and tape loops...

come along it should be good.

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Kap Bambino

We caught up with Caroline from kap bambino before their secret video shoot party for their new single 'Dead Lazers' released 18th May.

So Caro, how are the arrangements going for your video shoot? I hear you’re shooting in a carpark opposite The Old Blue Last?

Yeah, we start shooting at 8pm and are going on until 6am! We are really excited! It’s a party on the carpark roof, lots of people for the end bit! People are gonna act as different gangs with BMXs and skateboards!

What can we expect from the new album?

New tracks, new sounds, new experience and maybe the chance to get THE MEXICAN VIRUS. We wanted to push our limits for the second album; less vocal effects, more synth on the front, lot of broken synths, first time with mastering and couple of slower tracks…still bedroom recording as usual though.

Looks like you have a pretty grueling tour schedule around your album release

Yes! Excited for all the shows, great for the new album.

How was your in-store the other day?

Weird for us to play our first in-store! It was funny at the end, everyone in the shop and the staff are so nice.

So what else have you got coming up in the not too distant future?

Going to eat a pizza…and a UK tour in June!

I hope you enjoy your pizza. And the tour too, I suppose.

Mike Bones

So Mike, how have you found the response to your latest album so far?

Well, my friends seem to like it. My friend back home told me a song on the record made her cry, which I feel bad about - I apologized to her. People think the cover is weird and in bad taste.

How did find the album to write? It’s quite obviously a big step musically from your last release in terms of its arrangement.

We made it really quickly, in 4 days. I think that made the record seem unified and cohesive. We didn't have time to get all Radiohead on the songs. And who would want to do that either?

Do you have a vision of the songs in their entirety as you were writing them or did they evolve as you were making them?

I just work on them until they're done.

Is it quite a daunting experience baring your own material when you've spent time playing guitar with other people's music?

Not at all. It’s been pretty easy. The only thing that I’ve found strange about being a songwriter is that people always think you're singing about yourself…

Has that spawned any interesting misinterpretations of your music then?

People think I’m a dick. I think I present a really unlikable character in some songs.
Reviewers think I’m some kind of lothario with an awful voice.

That’s a very self-deprecating view of your media receipt! It doesn't look like you're too unloved…

I tend to only remember the bad things people say. Like a kid on the street called me bow-legged when I was 10 and I still remember it. That sort of thing y’know?

How do you feel the in-store yesterday went?

It was really nice. The people there were disarmingly polite. I get uncomfortable when the crowd is nice. I prefer drunks and hecklers.

What are your plans for the rest of this year?

I’m in the middle of making a record here in London right now. Touring here next month. Then more touring for the rest of the year in the states and back here. Trying to stay busy.

Monday, 27 April 2009

flo mo

flying lotus just dropped this new vid....
freaky deaky

On/Off: Mark Stewart from Pop Group to the Maffia

TOMORROW @ 7.30pm

New documentary made by Toni Schifer of Crippled Dick, Hot Wax for the East End Film Festival @ The Genesis Cinema (93-95 Mile End Rd, London, E1 4UJ) followed by a Q&A with Mark and Toni.
£7 @

'On/Off/After'party @ The Rhythm Factory from 10pm (16-18 Whitechapel Rd, London,
E1 1EW). The Bug live with Mark Stewart, DJ's Adrian Sherwood, Russell Haswell and Toni Schifer. £10.

film £7, party £10, both £15.

get yr tickets from

Saturday, 25 April 2009


Slayer 7" in stock now... super limited edition, extra nice packaging, disappearing fast.

Friday, 24 April 2009

counter culture radio show 23/4/09

margot's playlist 23.4.09
cheb zergui 'ana dellali'(sublime frequencies) 1970s algerian proto rai underground CD
pimmon 'come on choir invisible' (preservation) smudge another day CD
deradoorian 'high road' (love pump) mind raft ep CD
hildur gudnadottir 'erupting light' (touch) without sinking CD
caroline weeks 'elegy' (manimal) songs for edna CD
jeffrey lewis and the junkyard 'it's not impossible' (rough trade) 'em are i CD
jokers daughter 'the last laugh' (double six) the last laugh CD
camera obscura 'french navy (4ad) my maudlin career CD
seeland 'turnaround' (loaf) tomorrow today CD
night jewel 'what did he say' (human ear) good evening CD
kotchy 'falling in love' (civil music) 89 CD
boxcutter 'a familiar sound' (planet mu) arecibo message CD
prefuse 73 'no lights still rock featuring dimlite' (warp) everything she touched turned ampexian CD
metronomy 'radio ladio micachu remix' (because) radio ladio 12"
black dice 'earnings plus interest' (paw tracks) repo CD
venetian snares 'calvin kleining'(planet mu) filth CD

wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiild dogggggs

a medium sized holla out to johnny 'wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiild dogggggs' bella union.

THE BEAT 1 & 2

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

New Obsession....



Wednesday, 15 April 2009

RSD special offer CC08 USB stick

blag one for £17.99 ONLY in store on record store day (18th april)

includes over 50 tracks (full CC08 44 tracks + 10 track city slang sampler) plus 12mins vivian girls instore video, full cd artwork, AND over 600mb of additional memory.
cassette shaped, packaged and limited to an edition of only 250.

Jack White UK Exclusive For RSD

7" Hang You From The Heavens from Jack White's new outfit The Dead Weather.

We are the only place you can get these in the UK. Super limited, only available in store and only one per person.

Head down here on Saturday or be prepared to pay extortionate ebay prices!

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Record Store Day Performances - RTE


betty and the werewolves are three girls and one boy from London who whoop and howl through the night as sweetly sung melodies collide with glitter-struck punk guitars. Taking inspiration from luminary lycanthropes Virginia Woolf and Grandma Wolf, they sing ditties about falling in love with David Cassidy and strange encounters on night buses, shouting all the while and scuffing up their party shoes.


My Sad Captains who share members with Fanfarlo. They deal in sparkling indie pop in the vein of Pavement, The Lemonheads or Broken Social Scene. It's the kind of music it's possible to fall deeply in love to with people across the room whose gaze you momentarily caught but will never meet.

NAT (Sonic Cathedral) DJ SET - 12.30pm

In 2004 a guy called Nathaniel started a club night called Sonic Cathedral. Fast forward to 2006..........armed with the profits, he took it one step further and started a label bearing the same name. The label has since then released many limited edition singles. There has always been an element of shoegaze in the artists and releases from the label, however, with some excellent remixes included on the album it appeals on lots of levels. Rarities also abound on the album from the likes of Mark Gardner (former Ride frontman), Maps & M83.


Mercurial merseyside space-poppers Wave machines are a sparkling lo-fi disco outfit. It's polished, accomplished, budget disco - like hot chip dipped in hot chocolate.

NAT (Sonic Cathedral) DJ SET - 1.30pm


Sunny Day Sets Fire are a multi-national epic psych-pop quintet. Representing four different countries, including Canada, Hong Kong, Italy and UK, Sunny Day sets Fire make soaring, wistful music that reflects their wide ranging backgrounds and influences.


Finders Keepers are well know for introducing listeners to obscure psychedelic / jazz / folk / funk / avant-garde & wacked-out musak to a lost world of undiscovered vinyl artifacts from the annals of alternative pop history.

LET'S WRESTLE - 3.00pm

Let's Wrestle combine the lo-fi charm of Pavement with the dangerous ramshackle unorthodoxy of the Fall to good effect with great effect on Stolen. Tubs are thumped, notes are bummed and the vocals are invariably flat but there's a charm to this C86 meets post punk chaos.



Manchester-based Dutch Uncles are sub-20 year olds, pulling funny faces, wearing checked shirts, and playing tighter than their drainpipe jeans. Call it progpop, mathrock, indie, jingle-jangle. They have the well drilled groove of The Strokes, the chiming african inflected guitars of a Vampire Weekend, the otherness of a shudder to think but then there's the repetition of a Steve Reich and the singular singing of Duncan Paton. They have a brand new 7" 'Steadycam' released on RSD.

CASPA DJ SET - 4.30pm

Caspa is one of the UK's brightest and most in demand names in dubstep. At 26 he's achieved a lot and as the mainstream has already started to feel the ripples of the dubstep underground, he's a name that will no doubt become more and more well known throughout the year.

EBONY BONES - 5.00pm

'The Musik' will receive a full release later in the year, but for now is an indies exclusive especially for Record Store Day. Ebony Bones is a star. It's as simple as that, or it can be more complex if you'd prefer. If you want to look closer, you'll see that this south Londoner is very much a artist of our times; a self-taught bedroom musician who was among the first to share her songs over the internet, and who's polymorphous sound reflects the pick n' mix approach to genres the kids growing up in itunes world have.

CASPA DJ SET - 5.30pm

LOVERMAN - 6.00pm

Loverman are a dark and dense slice of rifftastic 90's alternative rock but with an underbelly of goth. Think a mix of Nirvana with Pete Murphy from Bauhaus on vocals. Theirs is the sound of a demon dancing on your roof about to swing through the window and burn the place to the ground.


What can you say about Andrew Weatherall.....................the mans a legend - who's help to shape he course of music for the last 20 years.


Imagine a more gritty Richard Hawley who has travelled around America learning his trade, and then he has managed to transfer that into songs and onto tape in a fantastic mix of the deep south (kent that is) with a touch of classic Woody Guthrie style country folk, and all with a voice to die for.



Joe Gideon & the Shark are a new brother and sister indie rock power duo, formerly of Bikini Atoll and currently one of Nick Cave's favourite bands. Joe Gideon provides guitar and unique, half-spoken lead vocals, telling darkly hilarious tales of his trips around the world (he once judged a miss bolivia contest!), while sister viva provides backing on drums, keyboards and 8-track. she used to be a 'rhythmic gymnast', competing at the Barcelona olympics and winning a bronze medal at the commonwealth games.


Monday, 13 April 2009

Music Week Awards 2009

We won!

Dutch Uncles at RTE for RSD

performing eastside for RSD this weekend

Alessi's Ark Live at RTW on RSD

Alessi will be performing Westside as part of RSD this weekend.

The Guardian

Rough Trade East and Record Store Day made the Guardian today

Friday, 10 April 2009

RSD Countdown

1 week to go folks ....will be posting vids of all acts that are playing RTE & RTW.
First up Ebony Bones.

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Township Funk

check out the new Mujava 12" 'township funk'

and while we are at it have a free MP3