Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Mike Bones

So Mike, how have you found the response to your latest album so far?

Well, my friends seem to like it. My friend back home told me a song on the record made her cry, which I feel bad about - I apologized to her. People think the cover is weird and in bad taste.

How did find the album to write? It’s quite obviously a big step musically from your last release in terms of its arrangement.

We made it really quickly, in 4 days. I think that made the record seem unified and cohesive. We didn't have time to get all Radiohead on the songs. And who would want to do that either?

Do you have a vision of the songs in their entirety as you were writing them or did they evolve as you were making them?

I just work on them until they're done.

Is it quite a daunting experience baring your own material when you've spent time playing guitar with other people's music?

Not at all. It’s been pretty easy. The only thing that I’ve found strange about being a songwriter is that people always think you're singing about yourself…

Has that spawned any interesting misinterpretations of your music then?

People think I’m a dick. I think I present a really unlikable character in some songs.
Reviewers think I’m some kind of lothario with an awful voice.

That’s a very self-deprecating view of your media receipt! It doesn't look like you're too unloved…

I tend to only remember the bad things people say. Like a kid on the street called me bow-legged when I was 10 and I still remember it. That sort of thing y’know?

How do you feel the in-store yesterday went?

It was really nice. The people there were disarmingly polite. I get uncomfortable when the crowd is nice. I prefer drunks and hecklers.

What are your plans for the rest of this year?

I’m in the middle of making a record here in London right now. Touring here next month. Then more touring for the rest of the year in the states and back here. Trying to stay busy.

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