Thursday, 11 June 2009


Two parts ballsy females and one part fantasy geek, This Is Music's London metal three piece Invasion are set to release their debut album later this year. Following their debut single release at the beginning of the month, we had a quick chat with guitarist Marek about metal dedication.

photo credit:lewis chaplin

So Marek, how would you summarise Invasion's musical output?

Myself and the drummer are just trying to be as heavy as we can with our limited musical tools! We just love heaviness, we pretty much exclusively listen to metal.

What are your shows like?

Despite our interest and dedication to metal, we find it quite hard to break into that scene. We tend to get more ‘hipster’ shows but we find it so much better when we’re playing to metal kids.

Trend frustration? Naughty Marek! Invasion guitarist depcited next to the window he broke at their show the previous night at the old blue last

So what would be your dream show?

We supported The Sword last year and that was a dream! We hung out with them recently and they took us to see Metallica.

The new video for your single is insane! Who produced it?

This guy called Hans Lo, he's super nice and recently graduated from Camberwell. We wanted something fantasy and occult themed and he compiled us the video out of film clips.

INVASION - Follow the Smoke / Conjure War from Marek Steven on Vimeo.

No Metal connoisseur is complete without a favorite release list, what would you say are your top 5 metal albums of all time?

Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath
Metallica – Kill ‘Em All
Sleep – Sleep’s Holy Mountain
Morbid Angel – Blessed are the Sick
Led Zepplin - II

click to buy invasion's new 'Conjure War' single

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