Thursday, 23 July 2009

margot's counter culture playlist 23/07/09

jonsi and alex 'happiness' (emi) riceboy sleeps CD
jackie o motherfucker 'hidden track' (fire records) ballads of the revolution CD
ducktails 'theme of cruising' (release the bats) backyard CD
sic alps 'the news today' (drag city) a long way around to a shortcut CD
local natives 'sun hands' (chess club) sun hands 7"
forest fire 'fortune teller' (broken sound) survival CD
discovery 'i wanna be your boyfriend' (xl) lp CD
clark 'rainbow voodoo' (warp) totems flare CD
onieda 'what's up jackel' (jagjaguwar) rated o CD
rainbow arabia 'haunted hall' (manimal vinyl) kubukimono CD
legions of two 'legions of two' (planet mu) riffs CD
patrick kelleher 'blue eyes' (osaka recordings) you look cold CD
memory cassette 'last one awake' (acephale) call and response ep 7"
bachelorette 'technology boy' (drag city) my electric family CD
shuta hasunuma 'soul osci' (western vinyl) pop ooga plus LP
nisennenmondai 'mirrorball' (smalltown supersound) destination tokyo CD

every thursday 12-1

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