Wednesday, 16 March 2011


Friday 8th April
9pm til 4am
At Red Gallery, 1 Rivington Street, EC2A 3DT

Tickets available from:
Rough Trade East / The Red Gallery
£15 in advance £18 on the door

Rough Trade Shops are teaming up with Le Gun Magazine & Bare Bones to create and curate a night of music & art to remember in the sweaty bowels of The Red Gallery. The legendary Rough Trade Shops have been trading now for 35 years and their reputation as a true independent has gained them global acclaim. This is a meeting of music & art like no other with Le Gun's macabre punk ethos & Rough Trade's musical pedigree hand-picking some of their favourite bands & DJs.


Caribou (DJ Set)
Caribou is Canadian Dan Snaith's brainchild, who formerly recorded under the moniker Manitoba. He incorporates electronic Psychedelia, Krautrock rhythms, and Breakbeat drums and creates a swirling, lush, musical panorama. Caribou's 2010 release 'Swim' was Rough Trades album of the year with good reason. Dan's DJ sets take you on a journey through all manner of styles & textures, they're something special to behold.

Kutmah (DJ Set)
DJ Kutmah aka Justin McNulty is a veteran of the L.A. Beats Scene and a key figure in the Dublab / Low End Theory / Brainfeeder creative community. Kutmah's DJ sets could include anything from his own unique slabs of Hip Hop fuzz, rare Egyptian Funk to hot off the press exclusives from his L.A. friends all guaranteed to raise the roof.

Cloaks (DJ Set)
To say that Cloaks are swimming against the tide would be something of an understatement; as opposed to offering the listener a breath of fresh air, they have created a sound so dense it's closer to giving them a boot to the face. With their billowing bass and shredded metallic clanks, leading to apt comparisons of Trent Reznor performing through Jah Shaka's stacks.

Action Beat (Live)
Action Beat is an improvised Noise / No-Wave punk band, heavily inspired by early Sonic Youth, The Ex, Glenn Branca and other avant guitar ensembles. When it comes to Action Beat, improvisation is the operative word, although the band comprises a core of around five musicians, their cast can expand to as many as fourteen for their live shows. A normal gig will have at least three guitarists, a bassist and more often than not four drummers. Intense energy from start to finish.

Analog animations performed by 'PureA' artist Martin Fischer & Bare Bones

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