Monday, 11 July 2011

Beware Of The God

If you're in Hoxton Square any time between now and 10th August go and check out the new Neal Fox exhibition 'Beware Of The God'.

Fox’s drawings depict a phantasmagoric journey through the detritus and mythology of pop culture and takes many of the recurring subjects of his drawings and portrays them through the medium of the stained glass window. Fox has produced a set of twelve 2.5 metre high stained-glass windows; exhibited in a single room - an alternative church of alternative saints.

In these windows you will see Albert Hoffman take a psychedelic bicycle ride above the LSD molecule, J.G. Ballard dissecting the world, Johnny Cash wrangling his demons and more...

At Daniel Blau gallery, 51 Hoxton Square until 10th August 2011.

Neal Fox is also one of the founding members of Le Gun magazine. Another member of the Le Gun collective, Rob Greene aka Robert Rubbish will be exhibiting new artwork at Rough Trade East throughout September. More details of this will be announced very soon.

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