Friday, 16 September 2011


Rough Trade is delighted to announce the arrival of Haberdashery East to its flagship London store, Rough Trade East.
Haberdashery East will feature curated items for sale and in-store workshops by Technology Will Save Us and Prick Your Finger. With one traditional but distinctly punk woollen offer (Prick Your Finger), alongside the world’s first electronic haberdashery (Technology Will Save Us), lovers of DIY arts culture from up-and-down the country now have even more reason to visit Rough Trade East.

With a newly purpose-built display area and dual-purpose cafe/worktables designed/built by Post Office and VXV, Haberdashery East shall contain essential supplies and inspiring DIY kits…

From Technology Will Save Us, there’s a range of custom kits and products ranging from DIY speakers kits, Make Your Own musical instrument kits, Arduino microcontrollers and USB rechargeable batteries.

From Prick Your Finger, there’s everything from Chicken Bone Toggles, Felt Sets and Denim Patches, to Knit Your Own Hat Scarf and Hat Kits, all with a distinct Rough Trade twist. In addition to practical and exciting products, there are also regular in-store
workshops from both haberdashers, appealing to beginners and pros alike.

The in-store workshops start with 'Technology Will Save Us - 'LUMIPHONE WORKSHOP’ where guests will learn soldering by creating their own musical instruments on 28 September at 7pm.

Prick Your Finger’s legendary ‘ALL THE BANDS’ workshop will take place Sunday 2nd October at 11am.

Workshop tickets are on sale NOW at Rough Trade East.

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