Friday, 11 May 2012

Caught By The River 5th Birthday!

In our East store, in the book section, appropriately nestled between the categories marked Drugs and London, is a small section of titles carefully selected, well-loved and thoroughly recommended by our friends at Caught By The River. But while London, Sex and Rock And Roll all seem self explanatory as category headers, what is this other strange selection that shares its space here? Caught By The River is hard to pin down, I guess. It's a literary website. But it's cooler than just that - it's a literary website with a rural, nature loving bent. But it can be as muscular as it can twee. It features music and art and poetry and essays. It's a publishing house. It's punk and it's libertarian and it's brilliantly, steadfastly democratic.
It's also five years old this year, a wonderful achievement for a thing dedicated to beauty, art and nature as opposed to commerce and cynicism. To celebrate this landmark, as well as the launch of the paper-back of their brilliant first book, A Collection Of Words On Water, the Purcell Room in the South Bank Centre will for one night on the 25th of May become Caught By The River. For one night it will be a physical place, full of words, music, people of a like-mind and probably more than a couple of Barbour jackets... I don't exaggerate when I say that this site, as well as the myriad of books it has both spawned and believed in, is one of the greatest things out there in web-world. But even better, even more exciting than the site, is the prospect of seeing it all unfurl, Chis Yates, John Andrews, Chris Watson, Richard Norris, Robert MacFarlane et al, in the flesh on the 25th.

Get yourself down there.

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