Monday, 19 November 2012


Rough Trade East are pleased to announce an exhibition of Ralph Steadman's Extinct Boids Suite, 12 images specially created from his and Ceri Levy's book, "Extinct Boids". Exhibited for the first time together, the images are Ralph and Ceri's recent favourites from the collection of boids that have been created over the last year and a half. These boids have been delighting audiences since their arrival into our world and bring their homeland of Toadstool Island closer to us. They all have that distinctive trademark Steadman humour about them and will be accompanied by text and information on their creation by Ceri. So come and marvel at the Needless Smut, the Dodo and the Blue Slut and meet some of their extraordinary friends.The show will run from Monday 3rd December until Sunday 6th January.

Read Robert Rubbish's (one of our past exhibitors in the shop) review of 'Extinct Boids' here...

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