Thursday, 6 October 2011

It's National Poetry Day...

... so we've got a load of new poetry bits in the café over at East, and all available online as well. Here's everything you need to get your poetic kicks this weekend...

Firstly, we have the truly beautiful Faber Romantics set. All the poets you need, with great new selections from the likes of Andrew Motion, Paul Muldoon and Fiona Sampson. Keats, Blake, Clare (my personal favourite) et al all exquisitely packaged in hardback form with a design nod to Josiah Wedgewood. Get the whole set. Seriously.

Secondly, we have two new books from two of the most exciting poets currently working...

Daljit Nagra's latest is a kaleidoscopic, pan-cultural masterpiece; deftly blending linguistic and cultural tropes to create an exhilarating, humming melting pot. This book becomes city itself. The whole world in fact.

And then, out today, the elegant, rich and sometimes harrowing new book from Alice Oswald. A meditative, distilled translation of the "atmosphere" of Homer's Iliad, Oswald has turned the great narrative epic into a bittersweet, elegiac jeremiad. A great review can be found on the Caught By The River site here.

It is said the English love poetry, but never buy it.

More information on National Poetry Day can be found here.

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