Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Pat Graham - Instrument

One of next month's exhibitions is by photographer Pat Graham entitled 'Instrument'. It will be displayed in the shop from Tuesday 1st November running for two weeks until 15th November and will feature images from Pat's book of the same name.

On the opening night, Pat will discuss the process and stories behind the project that spanned 15 years in the making. Including tours with bands The Cribs and Modest Mouse, visits to the musicians homes, and studios, etc. Many of the UK based musicians will be on hand along with Pat to celebrate the release of Instrument. The night will include an exhibition of some of the best shots in the series as well as proofs from the book. Listening stations will be set up with the songs that go with the photos. So come and join us for this night of Sound and Vision. Books will be signed and prints will also be available.

In the mid nineties while living in Washington DC music photographer Pat Graham photographed Ian Mackaye (Fugazi, Dischord Records) and his iconic white Gibson SG. At that point his photo project Instrument was born. Over the next 15 years Graham documented/photographed and interviewed 50 plus musicians about there favourite instrument and the stories that went along with them.

Some of the artists in the book include:

Johnny Marr - The Smiths, Modest Mouse, Cribs, Healers, etc
Bernard Sumner - Joy Division, New Order
Colin Newman - Wire
Alex Kapranos - Franz Ferdinand
Gary and Ryan Jarman - The Cribs
James Cauty - KLF, The Orb
Ian Curtis - Joy Division
Tom Cullinan - Th Faith Healers, Quickspace
Jerry Dammers - The Specials, Special AKA Arkestsra
Justin Vernon - Bon Iver
Hal Blaine - Beach Boys, Phil Spector, etc
Jeff Tweedy - Wilco
Kim Deal - The Pixies
Billy Childish
Kate Nash

Here's a selection of a few of the images taken from Pat's book...

Alex Kapranos - Fender 1973 Fender Telecaster - Alex bought this guitar in 2003 for 666.00 pounds he has played it every since.

Billy Childish's - Kira guitar - Billy learned to play on this

Hal Blaine's Sleigh Bells, etc. These bells and percussion instruments can are the sound of Good Vibrations as well as Phil Spectors wall of sound.

Ian Curtis' Vox - Heard on the Love will Tear us Apart and seen in the video as well.

Johnny Marr's red 1959 Gibson 355 - One of Johnny's favorite guitars. He wrote Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now and Girl Afraid on this guitar.

Bernard Sumner's Moog Source - This is the sound of the bass in Blue Monday.

More information can be found here.

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