Wednesday, 15 February 2012


A little late with this, but we've been waiting for pictures of the event, to give you readers the full experience of what was a genuinely great night here at RTE on Friday 20th January. The Black Power Mixtape filmwas everything a world class piece of art should be; heartbreaking, funny, thought provoking, emotionally powerful and by the end, somewhat dichotomously, left you both sick to the stomach at humanity's unbound potential for abominable wretchedness and yet invigorated by the strength, integrity and dignity that years of oppression, victimization and segregation can yield forth.

No-one better exemplified this on the night than the legendary Darcus Howe, who was illuminating, challenging and articulate as ever, making prescient points on the nature of last year's riots, the police's continuing use of out-and-out racist practices such as stop and search as well as the on-going battle against racism, the "last great struggle of the west". There was something to learn for us all on a night that was as fun as it was rewarding.

Black Power Mixtape is distributed by Soda Pictures and is on sale here at Rough Trade.

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