Thursday, 19 February 2009


We here at RT like to keep you abreast of what we think are going to be important releases, that's why we're here - most of these feature on our pre-order page and subsequently crop up as Albums of the Week or other hot tips. Now and again, we think something deserves particular attention - The Low Anthem is one of these. Those of you who have purchased Counter Culture 08 will already know of the delights of Charlie Darwin (soon to be released as limited edition seven inch) and the album is no let down. Quite a few UK labels are interested in releasing the album domestically, but in the meantime we have exclusive, limited numbers of the original US edition, with hand screened and individually numbered sleeves Check out our review here and a few samples from the album and get your pre-order in before they all go!

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  1. The Charlie Darwin track is hauntingly beautiful and I'm tempted to buy the album but Will it be part of March's album club (so I don't get a double copy)