Sunday, 15 February 2009

Resonance fm Playlist 12/02/09

The Coughlan Sisters - Farewell My Love
Sourdeline - Le Chaudron
Madeleine Chartrand - Ani Kuni
The Yamasuki Singers - Yama Yama
Aguaturbia - Waterfall
Os Lobos - Santa Theresa
Cheryl Dilcher - All Woman
John & Philipa Cooper - The Mad Professor
Blackbirds 2000 - Blackbirds 2000
Rotation - Ra Ta Ta
Mighty Baby - Egyptian Tomb
Serge Gainsbourg - La Horse
Graham Bond - the Magician
Axe - A House Is Not A Motel
The Witch - Lazybones
Vinegar - Der Kaiser Auf Der Erbse
White Magic - The Light
Grouper - Disengaged
Pamela Frankin - Willy Waly


  1. Apart from the mighty Serge, the Yamasuki Singers and a handful of others, most of those are new to me - dammit, I love the fact that there's always going to be so much music out there to be unearthed! Thanks for the pointers Kyle!

  2. My pleasure! I've got the broadcasting bug now... I'm thinking John Peel's old slot would probably suit me.

  3. As possibly the only man on the planet who never liked John Peel, I think it's fair to say you could do a better job than he ever did....and you're not likely to end up advertising Pepperami either.......!

  4. Or aquafresh. Although perhaps that was a result of the other.