Monday, 2 February 2009


Snow in London? Why, I never thought I'd see the like. I have to admit that none of these photos are anything to do with me, I just did a search on Flickr and found these great photos by locombia, andrewgrill, FoxyCoxy and sf2london. I was hoping some one might have taken a photo of the Catford Cat with its back covered in snow, but so far, no-one has. Our small back garden is so far completely untouched by human foot, and gives us a good idea of just how much snow actually has fallen. Did anyone else catch the thunder and lightning at around 2am?

So it's a good day to listen to lots of stuff like Neu! ('Neu!2' even has the track 'Neuschnee', which translates as 'New Snow'), Cluster, Eno, or best of all, Big Daves 'Low' for those chilly instrumental works of genius that seem to fit this weather so well.

If any of the people who took the photographs above aren't happy with them being on this blog, please get in touch and we'll take them down.



  2. That's made my day, that has.