Thursday, 15 January 2009

counter culture radio show

every thursday 12-1pm on
resonance 104.4 fm

15/01/09 hosted by margot

jana winderen 'mae taeng' (fact) surface runoff 7"
ktl 'eternal winter' (mego editions) iv CD
carsten nicolai and zeitkratzer 'synchron bitwave' (zeitkratzer) electronics 1 CD
fennesz 'grey scale' (touch) black sea CD
syvain chauveau 'et peu a peu les flots respiraent comme on pleure' (type) the black book of capitalism CD
robert henke 'first contact' (imbalance computer music) atom / document CD
elegi 'arvesolv' (miasmah) varde CD
hot chip and robert wyatt 'one pure though' remixed by geese (emi) made in the dark ep CD
telepathe 'drugged' (v2) dance mother CD
banjo or freakout 'someone great' (no pain in pop) mr no / someone great 7"
animal collective 'my girls' (domino) merriweather post pavillion CD
the yellow moon band 'window' (static caravan) travels into several remote nations of the world CD
teeth of the sea 'swear blind the alsatian's melting' (rocket recordings) orphaned by the sea CD
blank dogs 'the other way' (woodsist) the field CD
stranger son of wb 'crawl' (whitebox recordings) einstein's getaway CD
radio palestine 'lo-fi nubia' (sublime frequencies) radio palestine CD

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