Tuesday, 20 January 2009


Well, we've finally made it to the day we've all been waiting for. After eight years of headcases and gun nuts in the White House, we actually now seem to have a real person about to take charge. I was looking at the timetable of events for today earlier on, and I was amused to see that at 12.40pm (5.40 our time),Obama 'escorts Bush and former VP Dick Cheney to a departure ceremony' - the use of the word 'escorts' makes it sound like someone throwing out troublemakers - "Alright lads, time's time."

I'm not expecting Barack Obama to be a miracle worker - his country has been left up to its neck in various piles of guano by the current lot - but let's hope he can get through his presidency without screwing things up too much. As a natural pessimist, even I'm optimistic that he can.

Thanks to Helen for 'Changes' picture.

EDIT: 5.40-ish. He's in, World saved.

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