Wednesday, 28 January 2009


We are very excited about this band. they are fresh as fuck, yet classic as a fish finger sandwich. To celebrate their new album 'Einstein's Getaway', they are packing up their gear and coming down to Rough Trade East to do an instore on the 4th of February at 7pm. If your not convinced already that they are a band to watch in 2009, download their track 'Engine' here and be prepared to have your head ripped off.
manchester's stranger son of wb deliver an incredible mix of alt-rock and disco-not-disco styles, at one minute dropping the funk and at others snarling their way through the harshest of sounds. it's immense and sounds like james white meets the birthday party meets the fall. to date, stranger son of wb has been through about ten different line ups, each time the band's shifting sound being held together by the underlying style of gareth's songwriting coupled with his erratic vocal delivery. following on from a couple of highly acclaimed singles on the kum ba yah and marquis cha cha labels, ('snakes' and 'hot banana wave', respectively), and a marc riley session, smith locked himself away in his chorlton flat, detaching himself from the immediate surroundings of a scene of 'young man nu-folkie flat-cap wearing nathan barley-type' chumpery, and battered out the scratchy, 4-track demos of the songs that would eventually become 'einstein's getaway'. 'einstein's getaway' is the sound of a manchester band - but this is not some limp pastiche of the north west's previous musical glories, polished-up to widen its appeal. this is a raw burst of primal energy, with grooves as catchy as hell.

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  1. It's a damn good record - looking forward to the instore!