Saturday, 31 January 2009


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29 /01/09 hosted by

anthony pateras and robin fox 'apollonian gasket' (mego editions) end of daze CD
mr oizo 'lambs anger' (because) lambs anger CD
lithops 'sebquenz' (thrill jockey) ye viols CD
harmonic 313 'no way out' (warp) when machines exceed human intelligence CD
lukid 'skyfly' (werk disks) foma CD
junior electric 'hand-made real-time spaghetti' (duophonic) junior electric LP
stereolab 'l'exotisme interieur' (duophonic) explosante fixe / l'exotisme interieur 7"
hudson mohawke 'polkadot blues' (warp) polyfolk dance CD
heartsrevolution 'utraviolence chateau marmont remix' (kitsune) ultraviolence 12"
mr oizo 'blind concerto' (because) lambs anger CD
action beat 'high action' (truth cult) the noise band from bletchley CD
the hunches 'actors' (in the red) exit dreams CD
electricity in our homes 'silver medal in gymnastics' (4ad) silver medal in gymnastics / motorbike 7"
lord auch 'lettre de cachet' (young and lost club) mareado / lettre de cachet 7"
mv and ee with the golden road 'anyway' (dicristina) drone trailer CD
loren connors and jim o'rourke 'or possibly koln' (family vineyard) two nice catholic boys CD
brethren of the free spirit 'in him is no sin' (important) the wolf shall also dwell with the lamb CD

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