Friday, 16 January 2009

When 2 become 1

I love it when two disparate things come together and work perfectly even though they shouldn't (a bit like marmite and houmus on toast with a soft boiled egg on a monday morning) it's what makes working at Rough Trade fun. 
One of our fave finds of last year was the Apollo Sunshine album 'Shall Noise Upon' which we have been selling exclusively for a while now, it's a real nice mix of sunny west coast psychedelia meets the Beach Boys and My Bloody Valentine, a real winter warmer of a guitar record so whats up with Ed Banger artist Mickey Moonlight  wanting to remix it? Well he aint your typical Ed Banger artist ( I couldn't imagine Justice covering a sun-ra track, Maiden maybe, but a crazy space age jazz druid that travels inside a pyramid from another world ...... not really their scene) but his single 'Interplanetary Music' from last year was exactly that, a deep house space disco gem and a sun-ra cover (brave man). Anyhoo remixed Apollo Sunshine he has and he's turned the track into a really sweet downtempo beat driven wonder, and what's more due to the power of the interweb they have given us said track so we can in turn give it to you .......for free.
So fill your boots with some exclusive Rough Trade goodness.

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